Engagement love all the way from Singapore.

Sunday 27 April · Engagements

Shirleen & Hedi all the way from Singapore, in New Zealand for a holiday and to have an engagement shoot.. what better way to celebrate!!

And Shirleen had the idea to come to NZ in the Autumn as she new the colours would be just lovely, and we were not disappointed.
Arrowtown and Queenstown were pulling out all the stops, or should I say John (my partner) was. He managed to secure us access to Deer Park Heights (where Hugh Jackman stood for Wolverine.. ahh I will never wash again!, and where some of Lord of The Rings was shot of course) Now private land we felt quite privileged to have the opportunity to be there, amongst old movie set ruins too.

The wind however had decided to join us, not invited I might add, which made things a bit tricky but we got around that, mostly by shooting very fast.
Shirleen was quite brave in the wind, that had more than it's fair share of chill in it.

So after a bumpy ride back down we headed to Arrowtown/Lake Hayes, to The Stoneridge Estate, where once again John had managed to get us some time on site in and around the vines and the cute 'chapel' looking building too.

Finally, a quick clothes change, off to a cool and not too high swing bridge, blow up some helium balloons and we were set.

So much fun in just a few hours, and a big effort by Shirleen & Hedi too. I hope you guys had a fantastic time in NZ and decide to come back again one day.
It was a pleasure to photograph your engagement.

Mel x