Save the Date, farm style

Monday 27 July · Engagements

It's not often I get to photograph and lovely couple on their farm, with gigantic props, rifles and cats & dogs to boot!!

A great location for Megan & Josh's engagement shoot. Not only did we have the great farm to utilize, but we had their amazing home made 'Save the Date' props! Huge tree rounds with the date branded onto them. They went all out making these.
We had hunting rifles & boots for props too, deer antlers, along with their cute dogs too.
And if that wasn't enough to get a photographer like me excited, we then headed to an old disused, run down, did I say awesome?!, awesome old school a few kilometers down the road.

Despite having a large amount of pigeon poop everywhere, Megan & Josh were totally game for getting inside the school, for me to get the shots I wantd. Urghhh..I hear you say, but no this was a fantastic building set in a beautiful big field. Or that could just be me, and my fascination for old run down buildings ;)

Either way, we had a great time and I think managed to get some great 'Save the Date' shots for their up coming wedding.

I can't wait to find some more old buildings in December!! x